Thursday, September 17, 2015

Fall in New England??

So the calendar says it's fall but right now but 79 degrees Fahrenheit sure feels like summer. 
Regardless, it is September and that means  Ren Faire and Festival season. In the next few weeks I hope to be highlighting some of our really fun and interesting events in the area. last year I missed out on showcasing all of the great things around here, but 2015 will be different, ( I hope) .

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Haberdashery Reveal Day!

I really wanted to do this because I have tried to use more fabrics in my jewelry but stopped short of completing anything.  I would start with the best of intentions just to get overwhelmed by having too many pieces of lace or too many colors. Then everything would get swept up and put in a basket never to be seen again.
So I decided that the best thing to do was to start small. I wanted to just use a few colors and the same pieces for all of them. So I started with some bracelet blanks.

Pieces of denim covered with fabrics and lace

I didn't end up using all the blanks that I made. But I finally was able to get creative with some 
         of the leftover lace and ribbons I've had for a while!

I even had time to make a fun fiber necklace! I've admired other ones I've seen, just never Made one for myself! Thanks for a great Blog Hop Idea!

I used some bits of fuzzy yarns, clay beads, seed beads and yo-yos.
I'm ready to really pull out more bits and bobs and add more fiber to my jewelry.
I'm looking toward to seeing everyone else's creations! This was a great idea for a blog hop and very inspiring. Thank you Melissa for creating this opportunity!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

A New Blog Hop

I just joined a new blog hop.  This one is different from the last since it's not a swap. Everyone will gather their own materials and complete a piece based on a theme. This Blog Hop will feature fabric, lace, buttons and all the accessories you normally associate with sewing and clothing. I can just go into my craft room and come up with so many ideas. This is going to be fun! 

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Wrap bracelets

I'm finished with my Bead Soup Blog Party pieces but I also have some projects that I need to finish. I found these In the Garden wrap bracelets. If you need a project that you can be creative but not have to think about, I love doing these. If I hit a creative block, I like to go back to the simple techniques just to keep my hands moving.
Green silk cord with green embroidery thread. 
Seashell C-Lon cord and size 6 seed beads
Seashell C-Lon cord and size 6 seed beads WIP

The Big Reveal! Yea!

Hurray! It's reveal day, and I know we have some many blogs to see so I'll keep it short and sweet. I know my pictures do not do justice to just how pretty these beads are.

Here is the soup that I received from my partner Alicia Siceloff.

I was so inspired by the colors and the papers everything was wrapped in that I immediately thought, Cherry Blossoms! I knew the first piece would have an Asian feel, so I pulled out the silk ribbon I haven't touched in years and created this piece.

Pink Focal

Close up of silk ribbon and beadwork on pink focal bead

I used CLon thread and some gold size 11 seed beads I had in my stash.

I decided I wanted the second piece to be darker so I pulled out some darker seed beads to match the donut focal and the mother of pearl beads. I also used the clasp in this piece.

Darker focal with clasp

Close up of dark donut with wire wrap

I still have a few beads left that I will make into a bracelet.  I really enjoyed working with my soup. They were the perfect antidote to the crazy winter we just had !! I'm so glad I got a chance be in this swap. 
Looking forward to seeing all of your creations!

Now, go check out my partners blog:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

MAR K-9 Boot Camp

Luna and I were busy last week doing something different. We attended a Missing Animal Rescue training camp. Kat Albrecht from Missing Pet Partnership taught the 3 day camp that consisted of both dog and handler teams and observers. It was sponsored by My Dog's Place in Mystic CT. 
The first day was all about getting to know what each dog could do. The first thing we did was pass a temperament evaluation. 

We had a strange dog walk close by, pot lids dropped on the ground, large objects waved in the air and direct eye contact with a human. Pass, pass, and passed.
Then we played chase the dog, to test her doggy drive

We didn't pass the cat evaluation, Luna has no desire to get close to an unknown cat.
So we tested positive for trailing dog, target dog and magnet dog! Yea!

The rest of the camp was spent sniffing good stuff (treats)
Stinky things (decomp)
And lots of running
And hiding
Lots more work to do, and I'm looking toward to it. 

All of the above pictures were taken by Tracy Brown. You can see more of her work at

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Faux Ceramics

I downloaded a new tutorial from Linda Bergstrom. I had some air dry clay called Amazing Clay. I'm not sure they still even make this stuff anymore. I like working in air dry clay, but really needed a jumping off point. This tutorial is exactly what I needed. I want to decorate some mason jars for a Baby Reveal party this Saturday and thought the little fish in the tut is perfect. The theme is Red Fish, Blue Fish so I'm making an equal number of both colors.
I found some really nice covers for the mason jars and just tied the clay charms around the top.
They were a hugh hit! Everyone was so excited to take them home. And we found out we have a grandson on the way!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spring is on the way!

I've been busy working on my Bead Soup pieces and I'm having a lot of fun doing techniques that I haven't used before. I can't wait for reveal day!

We've had some warm days, followed by cool and rainy weather, so it's still hot tea weather. And we have a new tea shop that deserves a shout out. In the Olde Mystic Village there is the most amazing small business.

Tiger Lily Tea Shop is a warm inviting place to discover and learn about tea. The owners have a personal relationship with the Tea Masters they purchase from and you can sample any tea before you buy. They take the time to show you how to brew and enjoy all their teas and I learned so much the first time I walked in there. If you visit, please take the time to have them show you how to properly make a cup of tea. Did you know that the first infusion should only be 30 seconds and is always thrown out? Neither did I. And with the number of cups you can get from each serving, it still is cheaper than coffee. Check out their website or the Facebook page.

Tiger Lily Tea Shop in Mystic CT

Olde Mystic Village

Have fun!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

All Around Me

Another thing I would like to do with this blog is highlight the places in my community. 
We landed here in the Groton CT area via the Navy and it's been the best move we ever made. I certainly enjoyed Bremerton, Orlando, and California all for different reasons. But nothing beats this area for livability. 
I think we get a traffic jam once every 2 months and a major traffic incident once a year. I can drive around most of the year and encounter maybe 20 to 30 cars, but I'm right off 95 and can get to Massachusetts or New York in about 2 hours.
We actually live on what's called "the Groton side of Mystic" not to be confused with the "Stonington side of Mystic". Mystic doesn't have it's own mayor or city council and taxes get paid depending on which side of the bridge you live on. Such is small town politics.
Now that the weather is getting better, hopefully I will get pictures to post soon.

I've been working on my Bead Soup Blog Soup. I'm really excited to see everyone's final projects. I'm using some materials that I don't usually put together, this is really helping me be more creative!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

It's Here!

I got my bead soup in the mail yesterday.
Before opening
I love the delicate colors! I already think I have a theme in mind. I might have also been a little inspired by the wrapping paper.
I really would like to make 2 pieces from these beads. I like the idea of one jewlery piece and one accessory. 

I also signed by for a webinar by Loreli Hill Eurto on working with Blogger for Jewlery artists. I love the Webinar format and think it's a great way for anyone that doesn't have access to classes. You don't have to be present for the class if it doesn't work with your schedule, you get a link to the taping. 

Now off to do some housework before I sit down and do some beading!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Doing something different

Tonight is Friday and that means Agility Class with Luna. Since Wednesday was Luna's birthday I wanted to bring something for the other dogs in the class. Usually it's cookies or other treats, but I don't feel like baking. I decided to make tee shirt tug toys and they came out pretty nice.

I also sent out my bead soup package yesterday and I know that mine is on its way. Can't wait to get started on something new.